va-Q-tec and Japan Airlines cooperate in cold chain logistics

Airfreight cold chain container company va-Q-tec has announced a global cooperation with Japan Airlines.
The collaboration offers an extended availability of passive thermal containers in one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in Asia.
Takehiro Takasaki, country manager at va-Q-tec Japan, said that the cooperation "increases the network in Japan tremendously.”
In Sook Yoo, head of business development Asia at va-Q-tec, said: “We pursue a strong growth strategy in the Asia-Pacific region. Besides the establishment of a subsidiary in Japan and the Japanese network station for operating cold chain supply transports, the cooperation with Japan Airlines is one important accomplishment for reaching our ambitious objectives in Japan.” added .
Va-Q-tec is represented through subsidiaries in South Korea as well as in Japan and operates several networking stations. The company cooperates with airlines, freight forwarders, integrators and logistics service providers to offer container and logistic services at several sites.
The containers deployed by va-Q-tec provide temperature controlled solutions for six temperature ranges from -70°C to +25°C in five sizes, taking up to two US pallets inside. Thepassive thermal containers made by va-Q-tec offer constant temperature control for several days without using external energy sources.
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