Drewry: Rates on the rise in July

The latest  East-West Airfreight Price Index from  market intelligence provider Drewry indicates a year-on-year rise in the average airfreight rate for July, from $2.49/kg to $2.55/kg.
The figure is calculated using a combination of the base rate, the fuel surcharge and the security surcharge, but excluding door delivery costs.
However, according to the August edition of Drewry Sea & Air Shipper Insight: “Drewry’s East-West Airfreight Price Index shows a broad softening of rates in July from the previous month, slipping three percentage points… Drewry expects there is no discernible upward pressure on rates in August.”
The airfreight index (which Drewry explains is “a weighted average of all-in airfreight ‘buy rates’ paid by forwarders to airlines for standard deferred airport-to-airport airfreight services on 28 major East-West routes for cargoes above 1,000 kg”) also rose in comparison to July 2017, up from 84.8 to 86.8.
Once again, there was a softening from the preceding month: the index for June had stood at 89.6.

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