ACS sees record revenues in November

Aircraft broker specialist Air Charter Service (ACS) saw record monthly revenues of £61m in November, beating the previous monthly high of £52m.

Group chief executive Justin Bowman said: “This is an outstanding achievement by the whole team, which is now more than 500 aviation experts. We saw substantial increases across all three of our main divisions: cargo, private jets and commercial aircraft, with a total 31% increase in revenue on last November.

“To reach £61m  in one month – equivalent to $77m – is remarkable, and a huge step in the direction of our next goal; to become a billion dollar company. We are not resting on our laurels though and know that there is a lot more hard work to do as we go into 2019, with three more office openings in the next few months.

“This landmark month, combined with the opening of a number of new offices, means that 2018 has been an extremely exciting one for everyone involved at ACS.”

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