Its a doddle doing this job..

SEPTEMBER is going to be an unbelievably busy month for me and my editorial colleagues at Air Cargo News.
If you thought that being a journalist consisted of lounging at a bar, eavesdropping some salacious gossip, and regurgitating mundane press releases, then think again.
Firstly, I’m off to Hong Kong for a couple of days to experience at first hand the advances offered by Cathay’s brand new cargo facilities there; then I’m on my way to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to speak at the Altitudes East air cargo conference; and finally, at the end of the month, I’m travelling to Abu Dhabi to act as moderator at our annual Freighters World conference.
At the same time, my esteemed and indefatigable deputy editor, Thelma Etim, is zapping off to Lisbon to cover the ground handling conference there and then onto another aircraft to join us all at Abu Dhabi.
In the meantime, between us, we have two issues of Air Cargo News, plus our website ( editorial to find, conceive, analyse, write, proof-read and design – and on top of all of that, there’s also our weekly eNewsletter to create and disseminate.
Back in the office, Jamie May, our overworked production wizard, will be receiving and acting upon some rather strange messages coming in from around the world uttering things like: ‘Hold the front page’, or ‘Help! Send some more asprin/vodka.’
If I survive September, then I’ll be here to pen the next editor’s comment. If not, please treat my successor with sympathetic respect . .

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