Reports suggest Temasek considering investments in HNA’s Swissport and airlines

Reports continue to circulate that Singapore state investor Temasek is looking to invest in several of debt-laden HNA’s aviation assets.
The South China Morning Post and Reuters have both reported unnamed sources as saying that Temasek Holdings is interested in buying a stake in Hong Kong Airlines and Hong Kong Express Airways.
The move would give Temasek, which is the majority owner of Singapore Airlines, access to valuable slots at Hong Kong International.
However, it could be sometime before any deal progresses as both publications report that any move would be subject to due diligence, which is yet to begin.
Reports have also been circulating that the Singapore investor is also considering investing in ground handler Swissport, which deferred a planned IPO earlier this month.
The two companies also recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to "explore opportunities in aviation and logistics, and airport infrastructure".
Chia Song Hwee, president and chief operating officer of Temasek, said: "Temasek is a long term commercial investor. We are keen to explore investments which support longer term trends for a better, smarter and connected world of tomorrow.
"This MoU between HNA and Temasek signals the interest of our two organisations to explore common business interests and pursue opportunities to work together. In particular, opportunities in aviation, international travel and related businesses reflect the growing demands of higher incomes and a more interconnected world."

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