Supply chain transparency is non-negotiable

FULL transparency throughout the whole airfreight supply chain – facilitated by digitised data flow – is the only way to tackle inefficiencies and arrest modal shift, a conference has heard.
Whereas integrators have full control over their supply chains and therefore operate efficiently, air cargo does not, because individual supply chain members are too opaque about their processes, Sebastiaan Scholte, chairman of the Cool Chain Association, told delegates at a cold chain and temperature management logistics event in Paris.
“There are so many different players in our industry, so there are so many more opportunities where things can go wrong in comparison with sea freight and we [the air cargo industry] are not operating efficiently,” he argues. 
“The reason for the lack of visibility is because operators hide their inefficiencies fearing it will prevent them from making money, which is not the case.”
The Cool Chain Association, which is a member of Cargo 2000, has asked IATA to take the lead in improving quality, increasing sustainability and reducing waste in the sector.
Read Thelma Etim’s full interview in Air Cargo News 2 June  – Issue No. 778
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