ECS becomes the first GSSA to join Tiaca board

Bertrand Schmoll

Chairman of ECS Group Bertrand Schmoll has been elected to the board of Tiaca – the first time a GSSA has been represented.

Bertrand Schmoll, who joined the ECS Group in 2000, was elected at a TIACA Board meeting in Singapore last month as part of ongoing plans to grow the management team.

“TIACA is the only organisation representing all sectors of the supply chain and it is important that all voices are heard on the Board,” said Sebastiaan Scholte, outgoing chairman of TIACA and chief executive of Jan de Rijk Logistics. “As we represent all of the air cargo supply chain, it is great to have such a high profile GSSA on board.”

Schmoll added: “An organisation such as TIACA is the glue that holds us all together and allows us to move forward together despite our sometimes divergent interests.

“Thanks to the remarkable work undertaken by TIACA, led by Sebastiaan Scholte [TIACA chairman], Steven Polmans [TIACA vice chairman] and Vladimir Zubkov [TIACA secretary general], our practices are being modernised and air freight is becoming more appealing.

“As such, it is a real honour for me to have been appointed to the TIACA Board of Directors, with whom I share the desire to bring efficiency, modernization and unity to the industry.”