Will TIACA join the real world?

WHAT’S going on at TIACA?
First there was the abrupt and unexplained departure of Daniel Fernandez, the organisation’s secretary general for the last 14 years. Then there are rumours that the sudden resignation of committee man and retired freight forwarder Issa Baluch was not all done with sweetness and light.
Apparently, opinion was divided when new officers were recently elected: there was the ‘old-school’ seemingly protecting their legacy interests; and then there was the ‘new school’ seeking radical change and improvements.
I have no fondness for TIACA, which has never been a good communicator – to its members or to the air cargo industry at large. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that it’s press/PR offering is the worst. Big hints of a split in the camp only create further question marks.
If you don’t already know, it is TIACA that organises the Air Cargo Forum every two years. The next is in Seoul.
Thinking of it makes me recall TIACA’s past arrogance over these jolly events, charging sky-high prices for exhibitors – and being cosily secretive about other aspects: like, for example, where does all the money go?
TIACA needs to get into the real world: one where markets have been in collapse and jobs at stake.
TIACA has, in the past, seemed to be a collection of individuals seeking to use it as a promotional tool, with clear areas of favouritism, particularly towards US members. However, in Oliver Evans and Enno Osinga it has, at last, two top people at the helm . . universally respected in international (and not just US) air cargo matters, a great follow-on from Michael Steen.
Good luck.
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