Air India SATS launches Bengaluru cargo tracking app

Ground handler Air India SATS Airport Services (AISATS) has launched a cargo tracking app to help keep customers up to date with the current status of shipments.
The company said that the tracking app will be available at AISATS Air Freight Terminal and at AISATS Coolport, located at Kempegowda International Airport (KIA), Bengaluru, a city known for its high tech industry.
“AISATS is the first and the only air cargo operator at Bengaluru to develop this free on-the-go app to provide its customers with comprehensive cargo-tracking solutions,” the handler said.
The app picks up cargo movement data from the handlers cargo management system and provides real-time information on flight schedules, air waybill (AWB) shipment tracking and e-delivery order status.
The user can input the AWB number and obtain the current status of a shipment such as date of uplift/arrival, number of pieces, weight as well as approval status of the delivery order through its e-delivery feature.
“AISATS Cargo app will increase efficiency of the supply chain by relaying relevant information of the cargo to key stakeholders,” the company said.
The move is likely to be welcomed by the local logistics industry, which has long complained about the lack of visibility and delays to cargo at many of India’s airports.
Just last week, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry complained about lengthy dwell times at the country’s airports.
“The aviation logistics sector in the country today, particularly for export cargo, and equally for the domestic cargo, is confronted with multitude of serious issues like inordinate dwell times, missing and non-traceable cargo, damaged cargo, lengthy cargo processing times and queues of trucks at the cargo terminals, etc. Air cargo infrastructure in India is woefully inadequate and overloaded,” the chamber said.
“Missing Cargo/non-traceability of cargo in terminals has assumed undesirable proportions. This has serious implications for not only timely delivery of cargo but also in terms of security and image of the country in international trade.”
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