FCS hoping to re-introduce Frankfurt truck slot booking next year

By Damian Brett

Cargo handler Frankfurt Cargo Services (FCS) is hoping to re-introduce a truck slot booking programme next year after it stopped using a system in 2018.

In April last year, Frankfurt cargo handlers FCS and LUG announced that from May 15 2018 they would require drivers to obtain a slot for picking up and dropping off cargo using the Dakosy Fair@Link system.

However, within a few weeks FCS had to stop using the system because of work being carried out to upgrade its facility.

In a statement, a spokesperson said the company is hoping to offer some form of slot booking from next year. It is understood there are no plans to make the system mandatory.

“During the first half of 2018 FCS changed the warehouse layout in a 24/7 running operation,” the spokesperson said.

“New buildup lanes and a racking system with more storage capacities were installed. These investments were part of an important project to enhance the warehouse storage capacity and speed up handling processes.

“The construction and implementation temporarily limited the handling capacities and we had to fully prioritise this project.

“In consequence we decided to switch off the mandatory slot system, which was in its implementation phase.

“At this stage of development and infrastructural setup it didn’t yet provide all functions to our customers and ourselves for improved truck management in the given environment.

“FCS is further supporting the introduction of a slot system at the airport. We participate in the community-wide activities to further develop the system.

“Other important projects are currently ongoing, like a new ULD storage system which will be completed until October this year. After completion of those projects we target to re-introduce a slot system in 2020.”

Industry contacts had suggested that there had been limited notice given for the implementation of the slot booking system and that it had been designed for use at the Port of Hamburg, where there are key operational differences.

However, LUG continues to successfully use the system Fair@Link system and Dakosy said that more than 500 companies are connected.

Airport operator Fraport added that Lufthansa Cargo also uses its own slot management system at the airport.

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