Florida’s Airglades International to be converted to cargo-only hub

Airglades International Plan

Hendry County in South Florida and the current operator of Airglades International Airport (AIA) have sought approval from the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to convert the airport into an all-cargo and perishable goods logistics hub.

The parties reported today that the FAA deemed has the application, which is categorised under the Airport Investment Partnership Program, to be “substantially complete”.

In light of this, Hendry County has selected AvPORTS to be the airport’s new operator and Star America to be a private investor and equity provider.

Fred Ford, president of AIA, has expressed appreciation for the cooperation that AIA and Hendry County, Florida, have received from the FAA, US Customs and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration, and the US Department of Agriculture.

“This airport represents a big win for consumers, airlines, and perishable suppliers, offering streamlined logistics to reduce cold chain disruptions, while reducing trucking and airport congestion,” Ford commented.

Jennifer Davis, administrator of Hendry County, added: “We couldn’t have come this far without the FAA and our private partners and their investment.

“We’ll be upgrading our General Aviation facilities while bringing much-needed infrastructure improvement and jobs to support this innovative, perishable goods facility.”

The converted airport and logistics hub could significantly improve the efficiency of the flow of goods from Latin America into central America and the rest of the world.

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