Frankfurt-Hahn seeks investors following bankruptcy

Merger and acquisition consultancy Falkensteg has been appointed to find “one or more investors” for Germany’s Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Group which filed for bankruptcy in late October this year.

Provisional insolvency administrator Dr Jan Markus Plathner has commissioned Düsseldorf-based Falkensteg to “look for one or more investors for the German Frankfurt-Hahn Airport Group or its assets including the property”.

Investors have the option of acquiring all assets, units to be defined or single assets.

A statement from Falkensteg said: “Among other things, Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (ICAO code: EDFH) in Rhineland-Palatinate is comprised of various operating properties and expansion areas, a 3,800-metre runway, as well as a 24-hour operating permit which enables flight operations around the clock, 365 days a year.

“Several airlines offer numerous connections in passenger traffic, worldwide cargo connections are also in existence. At the airport, hangars with a separate truck access road are available for air cargo handling.”

The statement added that, since 2017, the demand for air cargo has been steadily increasing at Frankfurt-Hahn.

“A total of around 233,000 tonnes were handled in 2020, making the hub number four in German air cargo, after the airports of Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig/Halle and Cologne/Bonn, and well ahead of the air traffic hub Munich.”

Falkensteg said that Frankfurt-Hahn is located in the middle of one of the most important economic areas in Europe: the so-called Blue Banana, which stretches across western Europe from Marseille to London via Switzerland, western Germany and the Benelux countries.

Falkensteg will conduct “a broad market approach addressing national and international investors in a public tender procedure”.

Interested parties will be informed about Frankfurt-Hahn Airport by means of a special data room.

Expressions of interest in participating in the sale process should be submitted in writing to Falkensteg by 10 am GMT on 20 December 2021.

Frankfurt-Hahn files for bankruptcy with Senator taking steps to secure operations

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