Gatwick delays caused by runway ‘pothole’

London’s second-busiest airport, Gatwick, was plunged into chaos over the weekend after heavy rain opened up a pothole in the main runway.
All flights were stopped for a time for repairs just after 15.45 on Sunday although operations were later diverted to the northern runway, which is not normally used due to its closeness to the main runway, shorter length and lack of lighting and other landing aids.
Many flights were diverted to Stansted or Luton, about 65 miles away and on the other side of the city while other flights stacked overhead or on the ground.
At around 20:30 hours the airport sent out a tweet to say the main runway had opened and flights were arriving and departing.
Gatwick is the world’s busiest single-runway airport. It has been lobbying the government to be allowed to build a second runway in preference to a third runway at London’s main gateway, Heathrow.

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