Hactl speeds truck processing at SuperTerminal 1 facility

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals’ (Hactl) new automated truck lanes at its SuperTerminal 1 facility have helped speed up vehicle processing times.
The new automated lanes, which replaced manned booths, register trucks and obtain details of vehicle size and purpose of visit.
“Together with the doubling of entry lanes, these have eliminated queues at peak hours,” Hactl said.
Truck drivers can also pre-register their arrival at the terminal using a mobile app to take advantage of a fast-track entry lane fitted with automated number plate recognition (ANPR). This further reduces average entry time by 70% to just five seconds.
Hactl’s truck flow management system incorporating ANPR does not require vehicles to be pre-fitted with access tags.
There are also two new self-service kiosks located close to the truck control office.
Hactl chief executive Mark Whitehead said: “The truck flow management programme has transformed vehicle movements at Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1.
“We have ensured ample parking space for vehicles visiting Hactl on cargo-related business, speeded up processing times for drivers and their vehicles, made queues a thing of the past, and enhanced security through additional validation of visitors.”

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