FIATA issues best practice guide to fight cybercrime

Picture: FIATA

The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) has released its “Best Practice Guide on Prevention of Cybercrime” for its members and the industry at large.

Said a FIATA spokesperson: “Cybercrime continues to manifest its impact on international logistics and supply chain management systems.”

It has issued the practice guide “in recognition of the business practices among international logistic service providers and freight forwarders being heavily leveraged on data sharing among a variety of associated parties”.

Added the spokesperson: “This best practice recognises the increasing sophistication of cybercrime and the impact on service providers as to rising levels of communication and information digitally stored.

“Cybercrime and cyber-attacks have increased in levels and sophistication within the supply chain, with many national and international enterprises being targeted. While government and regulators struggle with timely legislation or policy, the industry must ensure that it stays ahead of the game”.

Richard Gluck, chairperson of the association’s Advisory Body Legal Matters (ABLM), stated: “Recognising the needs of FIATA members, this document endeavours to ensure that they have a proactive process to identify cybercrime threats and adopt effective prevention measures”.

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