Cargo-partner renews contract for Champ’s Traxon solutions

By Rachelle Harry

Image source: Shutterstock

Logistics provider cargo-partner has renewed its contract with Champ Cargosystems for use of its Traxon cargoHub solution.

By using Traxon cargoHub, cargo-partner will be able to create transport plans for shipments, track them in real time and receive status updates.

Other key benefit of Traxon cargoHub is its compliance with countries’ customs requirements.

Champ said in a statement: “The solution adapts quickly to the latest country customs requirements and enables efficient, secure, and accurate information exchange in line with the customs authorities’ requirements – regardless of format, communications protocols and processing rules.”

Cargo-partner is also rolling out Champ’s Traxon Quality, which provides analytics and insights using data from Traxon cargoHub.

Cargo-partner implemented Traxon cargoHub and Traxon Quality in less than two weeks.

Jo Feiks, corporate director of product management and air cargo, at cargo-partner, commented: “With new data insights we will be able to further optimise our business and operations, and ultimately further improve our customers’ experience with us.

“We are pleased to renew for Traxon cargoHUB and implementing data insights solutions that will be of boundless benefits to our operations.”

Nicholas Xenocostas, vice president of commercial and customer engagement at Champ Cargosystems, added: “As a longtime stakeholder in the air cargo industry, cargo-partner understands the benefits of using data to its advantage.

“The data already collected in Traxon cargoHub is brought together for simple and straightforward insights that can help make vital business decisions. We are pleased to support them in their pursuit of operational excellence.”

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