CEVA’s new 2015 operational structure brings in business

Reviewing 2015 and Looking Forward to 2016
It’s been the first year of our new operational structure where we removed regions and regional HQs from our setup and moved to a system of 17 clusters which report directly to the executive board. Our aim was to restore an entrepreneurial spirit ─ with discipline and thereby create a more agile company.
The move was clearly communicated to customers who fully bought into what we were doing and our employees who have understood the new model and how they fit into it. Already the results are speaking for themselves in our financial performance and the increased business pipeline.
We’re on the right track with our new operating model and I believe the changes initiated in early 2015 will bring even further value to our stakeholders and employees in 2016.
Among many benefits we now have a more cohesive approach to procurement which allows us to focus on process and product improvement across all our business lines.
The highlight for me of 2015 was the number of awards CEVA won in the course of the year. It shows that we are clearly doing things right and our new strategy is working for our customers.
We won awards in Brazil, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, UK and USA in the course of the year for our performance and as a preferred supplier.
An area of concern has been what’s happening to customers in the energy sector, not just CEVA customers but across that vertical.
This is a threat but also an opportunity. They are all facing huge pressures as a direct result of the current all-time record low in oil prices. We are working with existing and new customers to streamline their supply chains and deliver more for less.
The automotive, healthcare, consumer and retail and high-tech industries have all performed robustly during 2015 and we expect those to remain strong in 2016.
CEVA has long been at the forefront of electronic air waybill (e-AWB) implementation and 2015 has seen us double our penetration. According to the latest IATA statistics we are in the top ten for both e-AWB volumes and e-AWB penetration and have now achieved 42% globally.
We continue to be fully focussed on the modernisation of processes in our industry and our penetration will improve during 2016.
We’ll concentrate on further developing our sales strategy in 2016 for both freight management and contract logistics as I believe there are many opportunities out there for our team. Recruitment of additional sales and operations staff will contribute to additional volumes and business.
I’m a firm believer in supporting our customers through innovation so that both they and we can develop and grow our businesses. Finding better ways of working for the customer allows the entrepreneurial spirit of the company to flourish.
The Paris Climate Change Agreement and its commitment to a clean energy global economy will be an important driver in the way our industry develops for the future. The world’s energy systems are going to be transformed through those long term goals for emissions reduction.
Through continuing to work collaboratively with our partners CEVA will ensure it plays its part in achieving those objectives and reducing its impact on the environment.

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