Damco renews with BluJay for digital services

By Damian Brett

Freight forwarder Damco has expanded its deal with supply chain software provider BluJay to include cloud services.

The two companies have been working together since 2011 but will now change from an ‘on-premise’ to a cloud-based setup.

Damco will also bring invoicing, vendor payments, and master data into the Transportation Management for Forwarders (TMFF) service.

BluJay said that the move would improve file management, productivity and profitability.

“Damco’s customers will benefit from increased speed and functionality to improve the experience for bookings, submitting documents, and more,” the software firm said in a release.

Martin Ring, global chief operations officer at Damco, said: “We’ve seen the capabilities added in the past few years – the game has really been upped, and it’s critical in our industry to keep moving forward with technology to stay ahead. Damco will take advantage of the continually enhanced functionality available from BluJay to run our business as efficiently as possible.”

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