DSV continues IT drive with centralised service centre

One of DSV's global IT support centre teams

DSV has developed a centralised IT service centre as it continues its drive towards standardised systems across the whole company.

The Danish freight forwarder last year hired Lasse Lundemark as director of global IT support with the task of developing a global IT support centre, to be named Knowledge Centred Services (KCS), to support DSV’s 47,000 end users.

Until then, IT was handled by local business engagement teams in 48 different languages. The KCS was launched five months ago.

Lundemark said: “When you have a truly global IT organisation, dynamic knowledge-sharing and collaboration is essential.

“You can’t support systems and users across borders and time zones 24/7 without a structured method of capturing and reusing knowledge.

“I believe DSV is fast becoming one of the strongest KCS-certified companies in the world. With an inhouse certified trainer, we can continue to keep the pace as well as certification costs low.”

DSV said that in the five months since launch, issue resolution time has decreased significantly and first level resolution is up 10%, while keeping user satisfaction high.

The next step is to create a knowledge base to hold articles with solutions to known issues.

The knowledge base, named WeKnow, will be made available to end-users through an efficient and searchable self-service portal.

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