DSV’s Krefeld facility beds in

DSV staff moved into a new facility in Krefeld in 2015 that brought together numerous service and operations offered by the Denmark-headquartered logistics services provider.

Approximately 500 specialists working in the fields of air, sea and road transport, as well as warehousing and other logistics services, are based at the facility in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Since 2015, a lot has been achieved in bringing these various business lines together. With everyone in the same place, collaboration across working areas is easier, “and this benefits the customers greatly”, noted Bart Peeters, vice president of solutions in Germany.

He continued: “Being under the same roof means that you have better insight into what goes on in the other DSV divisions. That provides invaluable potential for offering solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.”

DSV handles customers’ goods in the warehouse at Krefeld and then moves them onto the DSV transportation network.

Phillip Eberl, a DSV business development manager based at Krefeld, remarked: “We offer our customers one-stop-shopping.

“Regardless of the types of business a customer has with DSV, we can offer one contact person to help with everything from transporting the customer’s goods to Krefeld, to warehousing and last-mile distribution.”

He is a fan of the move into a shared facility at Krefeld. “The biggest change from my point of view was the shorter and much more efficient communication flow” that the change enabled, Eberl said.

And the various DSV arms working together at one location is seemingly contributing to further growth.

When the facility in Krefeld was built, the warehouse had a 50,000 sq m footprint. It is now being expanded by another 10,000 sq m and DSV confirmed that it is looking to expand with an additional 50,000 sq m of warehousing in the region.

“The demand here is high because of what we offer our customers in services and because of the ideal strategic location of our facility; we’re close to both ports, airports and a good road network,” Peeters informed.

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