Forwarder-to-forwarder online marketplace launched

A new online cargo marketplace, Transnations, has been launched, this time targeting the intra-freight forwarder market.
Transnations said its solution will save companies time and money wasted when using less focused platforms, leading to improved margins, increased business leads, optimised consolidation and minimal email communications. Forwarders can publish and update their rates as often as they choose.
Transnations chief operating officer Marc Harvey said: “We started out creating a marketplace between shipper and forwarder like everyone else, thinking the market is large enough for a handful of freight marketplaces.
"One day, it just hit us that no other competitor is paying attention to the high volume of transactions between forwarders.
"We believe that our platform will help freight forwarders to streamline tedious processes such as request for quote, respond to quote, quote comparison, rate publishing, rate benchmarking and cargo tracking."
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