New SEKO CTO looks to the future

US-headquartered logistics services provider SEKO has appointed Mike Powell as its new chief technology officer (CTO).
He has – the company stated – been tasked with “taking the company’s award-winning technology suite to the next level to support customers’ global demand chains”.
Powell has oversight and leadership of all matters relating to SEKO’s technology strategy, products, solutions and operations, as well as the development of the next generation of the company’s  MySEKO platform, working in co-ordination with board sponsor and global chief commercial officer Mark White.
Powell enthused: “Technology has always been a differentiator for SEKO in the eyes of its clients.
“SEKO has been providing technology solutions for many years that some newcomers to the market are only just starting to shout about. While they are doing that, we will continue to push the digital boundaries of the global supply chain process.”
He added that he would be looking to build on “existing technology solutions that are adding value in global trade management, delivering proven software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions with extensibility and exploring how blockchain and other disruptive technologies can be a catalyst to add value to the bundled, customisable suite of products we have ready to ‘plug and play’ today”.
White added: “Clients’ expectations of their transportation and logistics providers have gone up; as they should. This is setting a new standard for technology in our industry and will define who shippers do business with.
”Today, we do not think about supply chains, our technology solutions fit the needs of customers’ demand chains, where everything they do starts with the consumer and works back from there.
“Mike Powell not only brings a wealth of technology expertise to help us realise our ambitions, he is also very active in terms of client engagement and start-up experience.
“He understands the customer perspective and why everything we do must be friction-less to improve the way they do business,” White concluded.

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