Rhenus acquires World Net Logistics in South Africa

Germany’s Rhenus Group has continued its 2019 takeover spree by acquiring Johannesburg-headquartered freight forwarding and logistics specialist World Net Logistics (WNL).

The takeover of WNL is still subject to approval by the relevant cartel authorities.

In January this year, Rhenus acquired Italian Logistics company Cesped and only last week announced that it will buy Canadian logistics provider Rodair.

In addition to having a dense network of business sites in South Africa, WNL also has several branches and partners in Asia and Germany.

Rhenus said in a statement: “The World Net Logistics Group not only involves WNL in South Africa, but also the national companies known as WNL Germany with business sites in Bremen and Frankfurt/Main as well as WNL Asia with companies in Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

“The core business activities of World Net Logistics involve air and sea freight operations. One major focus lies in providing air freight connections between South Africa and Germany as well as maritime links between South Africa and China, Germany and Great Britain.”

WNL also has its own vehicle fleet for overland services as well as warehouse capacity in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and East London.

WNL’s customers mainly come from the automotive, electronics, health care, FCMG and retail sectors.

Rhenus board member Tobias Bartz said: “The takeover of World Net Logistics marks an important step for us in establishing a network in South Africa and other African countries.

“WNL’s presence in Asia and Europe also strengthens our global network with additional intercontinental connections. We are confident that we will grow further together and that within the Rhenus Group, WNL will continue to develop sustainably.”



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