Tigers’ enhanced platform helps customers adopt a dual hub Brexit strategy

Logistics firm Tigers’ recently upgraded supply chain portal is helping companies prepare for Brexit by enabling them to implement a dual-hub strategy in the European region.
The Hong Kong-headquartered company has recently added freight management capabilities (air and ocean) to its SmartHub:Connect customer portal, which already offered logistics and e-commerce visibility.
Speaking at a press event in London, Tigers regional managing director UK and Europe Shahar Ayash explained that the development meant customers now had end-to-end supply chain visibility, which was helping them prepare for Brexit.
He explained that companies were increasingly adopting a dual-hub strategy in Europe to offset any concerns about supply chain bottlenecks when the UK leaves the European Union.
Previously, companies preferred to operate with a single European hub because it gave them better visibility and more control over stock.
However, with the improved platform, companies can monitor stock more easily over multiple locations.
Ayash added that companies would have switched to a dual-hub strategy sooner or later even if Brexit were not to happen. The growth of e-commerce meant it was increasingly important to have stock close to customers in order to meet expectations for fast deliveries.
He also pointed out that final mile delivery could make up as much as 35% of total supply chain costs and therefore reducing the distance to final destination could also help minimise costs, although adding another location would offset some of these savings.
Tigers plans to develop the platform, launched three years ago, further – it is currently testing a live quote engine facility, developed by US firm Doozee, which will give customers access to instant quotes between its locations globally.
Tigers chief executive Andrew Jillings said: “Our platform is unique because it delivers glass pipeline visibility of both your global transportation and e-commerce fulfilment from factory to shop floor.
“We are a global logistics and transport company with a history of delivering innovative supply chain and enterprise solutions, and our focus from the outset has been on technology, particularly on disruptive technologies.
“The tech-savvy consumer is ever-more demanding, and with the accelerated digitisation and democratisation of information we must be in a position to support our customers, so that they can deliver for the consumer, and grow and develop into new markets.”
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