Tigers to utilise Doozee freight rate quote engine

By Rachelle Harry

Tigers will use Doozee’s freight rate quote engine across its internal networks in Europe and the US.

US-based Doozee incorporates a built-in rate management platform using existing systems to facilitate quote generation in less than a minute. It is available in 12 different languages and can be used for all types of freight, including air, ocean and road.

Tigers has been collaborating with Doozee since March 2019. Following a successful trial of the freight rate quote engine on the Australia-China trade lines, Tigers is preparing to go live with the system during the upcoming shipping peak season.

“As we are working directly with Doozee, Tigers is the first company to benefit from this new technology, and we are setting an example that using instant freight rate quoting is the way forward for global logistic,” said Patrick Diesing, director, group business process, Tigers.

Andrew Jillings, chief executive, Tigers, added: “We are now extending the benefits of Doozee to our core partners, which is a significant step in the ongoing digitalisation of processes at Tigers, and will bring us one step closer to incorporating instant freight rate quoting into Tigers’ flagship platform, SmartHub:Connect.”

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