time:matters strengthens Europe-Asia network with new locations

By Rachelle Harry

Time critical logistics firm time:matters has opened three new stations in Japan, Singapore and Thailand, bringing the total number of its locations in Asia to ten.

time:matters customers now have access to a total of 84 weekly direct flights between its European hubs in Frankfurt, Munich and Vienna, as well as with its locations in Asia.

time:matters’ complex logistics solutions can guarantee not only speed and flexibility, but also reliability and transparency thanks to the physical monitoring of all import, export and transit shipments. 

With handling times from 90 minutes and transit times from 45 minutes at time:matters’ European Hubs, it is now able to “transport time-critical shipments between the new stations and its existing Sameday Air locations, and urgently required goods shipments can be collected and cleared through customs on the same day to reach their required destination within the shortest possible time”.

Customers can book their own shipments via the online portal, track the progress, and use additional services such as customs clearance, pick-up and delivery upon request. Standardized pricing is used for consignments weighing up to 200kg.

“We are now connecting further important Asian marketplaces with large European and American business centers,” time:matters’ chief operations officer Lars Krosch explained. “This represents an important step toward our long-term goal of providing our customers with a global Sameday Air network.”

Alexander Kohnen, chief executive of time:matters, added: “The expansion into the Asian market is a key element of our internationalization strategy and will help us to considerably extend our global quality promise and product range. This is a logical step for us following our expansion into China and a response to the specific needs and requirements of our international customer base.”

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