Waste not want not, DHL transports 140 ton heat boilers to Saudi

DHL Global Forwarding is transporting four 140-ton waste heat boilers from Germany to Saudi Arabia, using the Antonov An-225 freighter.
DHL Industrial Projects, a unit within DHL Global Forwarding, is handling the multimodal movement of the four boilers, each measuring 3.7 m high, 4.1 m wide and 19 m long. According the DHL, A waste heat boiler is "about as heavy as 24 full-grown African elephants".
Nikola Hagleitner, chief executive of DHL Industrial Projects, said: “Logistics, especially within the break-bulk segment, is all about local knowledge, mainly with regards to specificities of different ports or with reference to infrastructure, equipment, roads and regulation.”
The transit of the four super-sized waste heat boilers started at the manufacturer’s plant in Berlin, from where they were shipped on the river Elbe to the inland German port of Aken. The load was then transported by road to Leipzig airport, on its way by the An-225 to Saudi Arabia.
A 1,000-ton-mobile crane, a barge and a heavy goods transporter with 20 axles and a total weight of around 275 tons were also important parts of the complex supply chain.
“Transporting freight of this enormous scale requires well-orchestrated resources of workforce, expertise and know-how,” said Peer-Wulf Herrmann, head of DHL Industrial Projects Germany.
The heavy-duty freight is divided into four transports with an interval of roughly two to four weeks, each taking about seven days. The first three waste heat boilers have already arrived at their destination in Jubail at the Persian Gulf. The project is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of August.

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