Communication’s role in air cargo

Source: Lemon Queen

It is paradoxical to note that many people feel they know how to communicate and yet we often underestimate the impact of communication in our industry.

However, it is all the more crucial as it is a strong vector for the evolution of air cargo development, which the industry is ardently seeking to do.

Every sentence, idea, or slogan that surrounds us has a direct impact on what we think and even on our values.

The concepts of to be and to have long since structured our reflections.

Today, being and having are combined at the same time in a necessary renewal induced by the transformations of our societies.

Buyers and customers no longer do business by putting aside who they are.

We are what we have and we seek to obtain according to who we are.

You only have to look at the young generations who no longer wish to work in certain sectors, particularly because of the sustainability issue.

This is where communication becomes very important. Because just as “you are what you have”, “you are what you see” or rather you become it.

Communication influences people’s perceptions, but above all, it helps to change people’s minds about major issues such as sustainability.

It is not because the subject of sustainability is trendy that communication has taken hold of it, but because communication, in general, has taken hold of it that the subject has become crucial.

Communication thus becomes an indicator of the currents of thought that drive our societies.

It brings people on board, whether they are employees or customers, for global evolution. If you don’t manage to get people on board, any evolution is reduced to a simple idea.

Moreover, communication brings value to the actions taken by companies, whether it’s about business or thinking about new paradigms that will revolutionise the industry, as with The Next Generation launched by Qatar Airways Cargo or The Augmented GSA strategy of ECS Group.

It is not only a matter of reputation but a real lever of efficiency, so that the commitment of companies in collaboration with their stakeholders advances on subjects that participate in the enhancement of the professions of our industry, sheds light on their expertise and attracts new talent.

Communication has thus a direct impact on the business aspect of each company, whether it is involving its own employees and building the future of our industry as Qatar Airways Cargo is doing or advocating for new abilities and innovations in the interest of the industry as ECS Group or CargoTech are doing, communication appears to be a great driver for transformation and creating a movement.

It is not just marketing. When communication allows us to show the richness of the men and women who make up a brand, when communication allows us to convey strong values of solidarity and innovation, when communication transforms the mentality of people, then we have the strong feeling at Lemon Queen, that we are useful.

If the big groups have a leading role in these crucial issues, we have set ourselves the objective of being able to accompany all the players of this industry in this change of habits and mentality.

We have the skills and the right partners to accompany the transformation of our clients and prospects with a particular concern for sustainability.

It influences the way companies operate today and how they will operate tomorrow.

Instability should also be seen as an opportunity for creativity.

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