Cargolux staff pocket €2,500 airfreight boom bonus

22 / 11 / 2017

Airfreight's 2017 demand boom will see Cargolux staff each receive a €2,500 profit share bonus, with the prospect of a further €2,500 in May next year.

Some 1,400 staff at the Luxembourg freighter operator will receive their pay-out due to an expected higher 2017 company profit over the €4.6m recorded in 2016, according to reports from a local radio station.

A spokesperson for Cargolux told Air Cargo News: "It is correct that a partial pre-payment of the profit share for the year 2017 was done to all Cargolux employees, worldwide. It is an advance payment, decided upon by management, to all employees of the company in respect of the profit share scheme.

"The profit share scheme is part of the collective working agreement (CWA) signed in November 2015. Given the exceptional trading circumstances of  2017, we expect to pay the rest of the profit share to our employees next year, when the company’s  figures have been audited and finalized.

"This will be communicated to our employees at the given time."

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