Qatar heads to northern dynamo

21 / 10 / 2014

QATAR Airways Cargo plans to launch a freighter service to Stavanger, Norway, effective 3 November. Stavanger is the European oil and gas capital, with many of the major oil and gas companies and supplier companies having their Norwegian headquarters located there.

Another significant export around the world is fish, while imports include: cars and other transport equipment, raw materials and industrial equipment. Qatar will use an Airbus A330F once a week, which will stop at Brussels on the way. 

Ulrich Ogiermann, Qatar’s chief officer cargo, says the route should prove lucrative for the airline and the two states. As well as this new route, Qatar is adding a third A330 freighter frequency to the Doha-Delhi route, effective 30 October 2014, due to the increasing imports and exports between Qatar and India. The route launched in May of this year.