Brussels Airport to offer ground handler booking app

03 / 05 / 2017

Brussels Airport has developed a new slot booking app for ground handler facilities that aims to reduce pick-up and delivery times.

The Slot Booking App allows users, such as freight forwarders, to request a single or recurring time slot at a specific ground handler facility through a centralised system.

Ground handlers have the ability to make time slots for different cargo types available via the web app or on a system-to-system link.

"The Slot Booking Application will eliminate one of the most compelling problems, the waiting times and idle times at the facilities of the ground handlers," the airport said.

"By co-ordinating the match between supply and demand of time slots, the app streamlines the pick-up and delivery of freight at the ground handlers and leads to a better capacity utilisation and elimination of peaks and idle-times."

The system is available through the Nallian data sharing platform and was developed as part of the BRUcloud cargo community platform.