TAC Index to offer free data access to qualified parties

23 / 04 / 2018

TAC Index has launched a new promotion to industry qualified parties granting full free access to TAC Index's rate data until September 30 of this year.

TAC Index managing director Peyton Burnett said: “We would like to make this data more widely available and are pleased to offer this data to industry qualified parties on a weekly basis up until 30th September 2018. All that is required is a brief sign up for this free subscription which can be done online.

“We are inviting a number of authorised industry parties to receive this free data and hope that they will find the information informative and helpful in the management of their businesses."

TAC Index publishes air cargo data weekly on several major routes and are now listed as the air cargo reference source on Bloomberg and Thomson-Reuters.

The company said the data is important to the air cargo industry as full and detailed price referencing data has not been available with weekly updates at any time prior to the launch of the TAC Indices, and the data can assist interested parties in a variety of ways.

Burnett added: “Over time we will continue to add new routes and we will also keep you informed as these additional data sets become available. Coverage expansion and major system updates will be occurring during the period of this promotion.”

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