Alexis Labonne becomes Hermes CTO ahead of H5 rollout

08 / 02 / 2018

UK-based Hermes Logistics Technologies has named Alexis Labonne chief technology officer ahead of the rollout of Hermes 5 (H5), the latest version of its cargo management system, this year.

Labonne takes over the role from Oded Lavee, heading up a team of air cargo technical experts working to harness Cloud services, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

He has a background in software development and architecture, and said: “I am keen on dynamic engineering patterns and practices to foster innovation and reduce productivity drag.

“My technical experience allows me to be both responsive to market demands, as well as changing technology trends.”

Yuval Baruch, chief executive at Hermes, highlighted the company’s investment in its “innovation-focused approach to the industry” and thanked Lavee for his work on the Hermes solutions thus far.

H5 is the latest version of a suite of applications, which includes HERMES CMS, Hermes HMS and HBI (HERMES Business Intelligence).

HERMES CMS manages import, export, messaging, service monitoring and accounting processes for traditional cargo ground handling agents. HERMES HMS steers inbound, outbound, messaging, SLA and accounting processes for airline hubs or transit shed operators. HBI is a ‘big data’ analytical tool, enabling informed management and operational decisions, the company said.