TIACA building next-generation skills

13 / 10 / 2014

Recruiting the next generation of people, and equipping them with the skills to take the industry forward, has become a major priority for The International Air Cargo Association.

TIACA held a Future Air Cargo Summit in collaboration with IATA on the final afternoon of the Air Cargo Forum in Seoul, putting issues such as the industry's low profile, and the impediments to recruitment and management development, under the microscope.

The success of TIACA’s inaugural Air Cargo Professional Development Workshop in the Netherlands last summer has led to a second event planned for Johannesburg in February, ACF delegates were told. It is hoped the three-day course will be the first of four to take place around the world next year.

TIACA’s strategic partner for the project, responsible for delivering the workshops and building and developing the course content, is Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI).

“TIACA is passionate about attracting and developing the next generation of air cargo leaders,” said association chairman Oliver Evans.

“More than investing in all of the necessary infrastructure and systems required to move air cargo around the world, we have to invest in our people.

“Our first workshop successfully delivered practical information and a platform for debate, as well as valuable networking opportunities. We are confident that by launching this programme worldwide we will continue to provide vital training and support for our industry.”