TIACA think tank to focus on new strategy

06 / 11 / 2017

  • Sebastiaan Scholte

New TIACA chairman Sebastiaan Scholte has set up a ‘think tank’ of 15 high-standing individuals in the industry — most of them members — to help improve the association’s links with the air cargo sector.

He said that TIACA still faced “a collective challenge to make TIACA more relevant for the benefit of our members and the industry”.

He promised that TIACA would share its new strategy with its members before the end of the year. Meanwhile, he would welcome “any suggestions that can contribute to the enhancement of our value proposition”.

In his first ‘Friday Flyer’ article following his appointment, Scholte pledged to reach out and engage with more of the airfreight association’s members.

He also promised that TIACA would “cooperate more with other global and regional organizations” as well as facilitating much-needed transparency and visibility in global supply chains.

“Collaboration and cooperation between all parties in the air cargo supply chain is the only way forward to solve many of today’s issues,” he said.

“TIACA is the natural platform to facilitate genuine collaboration and work towards a more innovative and quality-driven industry.”

It was also vital to motivate the next generation of air cargo leaders and TIACA would put emphasis on training and encouraging young people to join the industry, building on the existing professional development programme.

TIACA secretary general Vladimir Zubkov meanwhile pointed out that the recent executive summit had for the first time included a panel dedicated to Latin America.

It had also recently started to issue the Friday Flyer in Spanish. He added that Scholte has worked in Latin America and is fluent in the language is planning to renew his connections and establish new ones.

However, while the TIACA session had identified quite a number of challenges and opportunities in the region, it was important “not to leave this as a mere discussion but try to turn the useful exchange into an action plan.”