Airfreight oxygen system for live seafood lands in Europe

19 / 06 / 2018

The FishPac live seafood oxygen transport system is now available in Europe after its owners, FloatPac, signed an agreement with Norway-based agency LipFish to market the product.

The manufacturer claims that FishPac is the world’s only approved airfreight oxygen delivery system. The first 42 units are on the water for delivery to Norway, with two units shipped immediately for trials and demonstration purposes.

A further 3,500 FishPac bins are expected to be sold into Europe within the next two years.

Robert Robertson, owner of LipFish, said: “We have worked closely with FishPac to develop sensoring technology for our bins, which will allow us to see what’s happening inside every bin in real time. The sensors collect data and send this back to the cloud in three minute increments.

"This data can then be accessed by all parties in the supply chain for a very clear understanding of what has happened during transport and - in the unlikely event of something going wrong - we will be able to pinpoint this problem quickly and fix it."

The FishPac system was launched in 2000 and has been used in more than 250,000 bins/totes between Australia, Indonesia, Maldives, Japan, Canada, US, Asia, Iceland and Belgium, with each tote containing up to 500kg of live fish and marine life.


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