iTran and HNA Logistics partner on cargo software project

15 / 11 / 2017

  • HNA Modern Logistics Group IT manager Kenn Tang

    HNA Modern Logistics Group IT manager Kenn Tang

iTran Systems and HNA Modern Logistics Group have signed a long-term co-operation agreement to jointly develop logistics and air cargo IT solutions.

In the first phase of the deal, the two partners will develop a sales and booking platform, which will integrate HNA Modern Logistics' processes from incoming sales and booking information up to the airlines linked to it.

The development will also incorporate a station management system and a warehouse management software.

Finally, in 2018 the two companies will release a cargo revenue accounting solution that includes additional features such as financial functionalities.

HNA Modern Logistics Group IT manager Kenn Tang said: “HNA Modern Logistics Group manages several Cargo Carriers namely Yangtze Cargo Airlines, myCargo, Hong Kong Cargo Airlines, Tianjin Cargo Airlines, HU Cargo and Air Chang'an and 16 airports inside China and Swissport.

“We [were] looking for a partner [which would] help the group, keeping the strongest competitiveness in the future.

“iTran Systems, as our partner, has shown in the past years that it leads updated technology and software into the air cargo and logistics industry.

“HNA Modern Logistics Group will on the other hand bring in the expertise of different industries and markets. For both partners this will be a win- win situation.”

iTran Systems chief executive Li Jin added: “When talking about the future of the air cargo industry, we are proud to be a part of this era - substantial changes are happening in literally every corner of the world.

“With 14 years expertise of working for air cargo, our team now has the ability to lead new technology to this outdated industry - the first automated guided vehicle warehouse will go live at the end of this year in Tianjin Airport, we provided big data technology to SF Express to reduce 9.2% of their booking cost, now we are working with Hainan Airlines to introduce human-less drivers to the ramp side.”

The co-operation also includes the air cargo industry-overseas business research, consulting and implementation services.