Jettainer Think-A-Thon yields results

22 / 05 / 2018

Jettainer’s three-day Think-A-Thon at the Air Cargo China event in Shanghai yielded several ideas which will now be studied in detail by the ULD management firm.

The Think-A-Thon saw 25 students from Tongji University work in five groups to develop ideas for the application of blockchain technology in global supply chains.

One idea was the development of a blockchain-compatible database for ULD tracking. This would have the advantage that information from airlines, ground handlers and forwarders would be stored in one place and would be easily accessible to all parties in the supply chain and make it possible to react quickly in the event of damages, but also to avoid future damage by means of analyses.

Another idea was to integrate digital contracts into blockchain, which are forgery-proof and individually adapted to the respective customer needs.

In particular, this is intended to simplify the acquisition of small customers, as marginal costs are reduced on the one hand and transparency between the contracting parties is created on the other.

Jettainer managing director Carsten Hernig said: “The co-operation with the students has been excellent and so many creative ideas for blockchain applications in worldwide supply chains have emerged. We will now evaluate them one by one in order to further develop the topic in our company."

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