Mühlenkamp takes over as director of operations at Jettainer

01 / 09 / 2017

  • Frank Mühlenkamp

ULD outsourced management and maintenance company Jettainer has appointed Frank Mühlenkamp as its new director of operations, responsible for around 90,000 containers and pallets worldwide.

Mühlenkamp launched his career at the ground operations department at the Lufthansa hub in Frankfurt. After spending two years at Augsburg Airways, he returned to the Lufthansa Group, which also owns Jettainer.

Mühlenkamp has held several leading positions in the ground and flight operations departments and worked in Germany, Europe and the US.

Carsten Hernig, managing director of Jettainer, said: “We’re delighted to have found an extremely competent manager in the person of Frank Mühlenkamp; he brings with him many years of experience in the operational business and an excellent knowledge of the aviation industry.”

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