Helping hand for German posties

Deutsche Post has put its 1,000th e-bike from its StreetScooter subsidiary into service today in Osnabrück. The German postal giant, owner of DHL, says that the electrically assisted cargo bikes can hit 25 km/h and can carry up to 50kg, “a tremendous help for letter carriers in urban areas.”
The StreetScooter Work version is a superior version of the concept in many respects, including ergonomics, efficiency, load distribution and safety standards and can carry four mail crates instead of three.
the Board member responsible for post, eCommerce and parcels, Jürgen Gerdes, says: “We mean business with our climate protection campaign. We’re very passionate about it,” says And in addition to the benefits for the environment, our employees also benefit from using the most modern equipment.”
Meanwhile, Air Cargo News contributor Chris Lewis is planning to complete the 100km Liverpool Nightrider course in July without any artificial electronic aids.
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