Oslo TV docusoap set to fly

If we were cruel (we’re not) we might suggest playing a Norwegian version of the ‘Name five famous Belgians’ game if you’re stuck for something to do after turkey this Christmas. 
But if you were to extend the list to inanimate objects, maybe Oslo Airport will soon qualify, if operator Avinor gets its way. The Norwegian gateway will soon be the subject of its very own TV series, OSL 24-7 which premiers on Viasat 4 this spring.
The name of the programme made us think, just for a moment, that it was some sort of 24-hour live streaming service but in fact, according to the press release, it  promises a slice of daily life at Oslo, including “travellers, ground crew, customs officers, snow plough crews, air traffic controllers, airport police, detection dogs and more.” So presumably some sort of editing will take place to filter out the less compelling moments of daily life at Gardermoen, of which we suspect there are quite a number.
Airport managing director, Øyvind Hasaas insists: “A lot is happening at Oslo Airport, far more than the passengers notice. Incredible teamwork is required to make everything run smoothly, and now we are looking forward to taking the viewers at home behind the scenes at the airport. We hope that this TV series will be of great interest, entertainment value and, last but not least, an insight into what it takes to run an airport 24/7, 365 days a year.”
It’s not entirely clear who the audience for this televisual epic is expected to be. Die-hard aviation enthusiasts, maybe? (But are there enough of them to sustain the viewing figures?) People who have turned over from the 24-hour shopping channel, fancying a bit of excitement?

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