Pegasus Cargo hosts conference

The International Transport and Logistics Conference organised by Pegasus Cargo brought together leaders in the international logistics sector who shared their industry know-how with students.
The conference, held in partnership with Istanbul University’s Transportation and Logistics Faculty, took place at Istanbul University.
Pegasus Airlines chief executive Mehmet Nane told the audience: “Similar to how the sharing and spread of information is crucial to us, the logistics sector is crucial to the economy in the way it nourishes trade and exports.
“In this regard, we believe the air cargo and cargo sectors will be one of Turkey’s most important assets in reaching its goals as part of the country’s 2023 vision.”
Pegasus Airlines CCO Guliz Ozturk commented: “It was 11 years ago back in 2005 when Pegasus Cargo started its operations and today we continue to offer our services across 64 international and 33 domestic Turkey routes; 97 destinations in all.
“Over the last five years, the cargo we carry has more than doubled. As of the end of 2015, we witnessed a 17% increase in the cargo weight reaching 11,716,948 kg.” 

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