Magnusson to join TIACA’s shipper committee

Ericsson’s Lars Magnusson is joining TIACA’s Shippers Advisory Committee as the new Ericsson industry and society representative.
Magnusson is responsible for business architecture, deliver, at Ericsson in Stockholm, Sweden, and has more than 25 years’ international experience in supply chain management, specializing in digitisation.
“Digitalisation is sweeping across the supply chain, as all sectors seek to update their systems and implement digital processes, so we are pleased to welcome Lars and his expertise to TIACA,” said Sebastiaan Scholte, chairman, TIACA.
“Technological developments are an important consideration for TIACA as the logistics and transport industry continues to evolve, and the impact on the air freight supply chain will be a main topic at the Air Cargo Forum in Toronto in October.”
TIACA’s Shippers Advisory Committee is made up of representatives from different industries to encourage all sectors of the air cargo supply chain to engage in discussion and embrace new processes, technology, and greater transparency.
Magnusson is currently part of the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) digitisation task force and was the former President of the APICS Supply Chain Council (SCC) Board, and previous vice chairman of the SCC Technical Development Steering Committee.
The appointment of Magnusson follows the announcement that committee vice chairman Robert Mellin, will be stepping down from his role as Engagement Lead Logistics at Ericsson.
“We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Robert for his excellent work with TIACA in making the airfreight industry more efficient and competitive,” added Lars Droog, Chairman, TIACA’s Shippers Advisory Committee.
“It was Robert who started discussions on digitisation, and with Lars we believe we have found a good successor who will realize the goals described in the White Paper.”

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