SAS Cargo appoints new CEO as it steps up digitisation

By Rachelle Harry

SAS Cargo has appointed Max Knagge, former head of US sales at the company, to the role of chief executive of cargo.

Knagge succeeds Leif Rasmussen, who is leaving the company after 38 years of service.

Kjetil Håbjørg, executive vice president and and chief services officer at SAS, commented: “I am impressed by and immensely grateful for the work Rasmussen has done for SAS Cargo.”

“I am confident Knagge will build on SAS Cargo’s history and will continue developing its role as an important provider of critical transport infrastructure, globally as well as within Scandinavia.

“His strong track record at SAS and international experience makes him an ideal candidate to successfully take over the reins at SAS Cargo.”

SAS Cargo said it has taken a strategic move to step up its digital transformation.

For example, today SAS Cargo rolled out Unisys’ Cargo Portal, which features dynamic pricing for cargo, and enables e-bookings and tracking for its customers in over 100 countries.

Unisys said that with its digital Cargo Portal, SAS Cargo’s dynamic pricing and e-bookings will be instantly available to more than 6,000 customers worldwide.

Rasmussen explained:“Our partnership with Unisys supports our dedication to digital-first services. Our objective is to drive the digital transformation of air cargo by making it easier to do business and deliver a first-class customer experience. Unisys helps us with this objective and the portal will increase SAS Cargo’s visibility to customers with booking needs.

“We are extremely excited about leveraging the Cargo Portal community, reaching new clients and growing our self-service booking quota.”

Bill Brown, vice president and general manager at Unisys EMEA, added: “Unisys has supported SAS Cargo since 2003 and we look forward to expanding its digital capabilities with Cargo Portal to meet customer requirements quickly and easily.

“Cargo Portal provides the opportunity to address new revenue streams and provide a great user experience by simplifying the booking and freight management process.”

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