DHL and TAPA team up on supply chain security intelligence

TAPA, the transport industry association that promotes supply chain security, is to work with DHL Resilience360, the integrator’s cloud-based supply chain risk management platform that helps businesses to predict, assess and mitigate the risk of supply chain disruptions, in a partnership on cargo crime intelligence.

DHL said that the collaboration will benefit Resilience360 customers and TAPA members through increased visibility of cargo theft issues.

“Through this partnership,” it said, “both sides will work together to provide a more holistic view of cargo security threats in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region.

“In addition, TAPA EMEA members who are also Resilience360 customers will be able to easily view TAPA cargo crime data within the Resilience360 system.”

Tobias Larsson, founder and chief executive of Resilience360, declared: “This is a unique partnership. TAPA EMEA is a recognised industry leader in supply chain security, and TAPA members who are also utilising Resilience360 for end-to-end supply chain risk management will gain expanded visibility of cargo theft issues.

“Our customers will be able to view this data in the context of the other geopolitical, social, natural disaster, and labour issues reported by Resilience360.”

Resilience360 employs predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms, among other technologies, to deliver near real-time visibility of global supply chains, identify risks and proactively manage potential disruptions to operations.

It currently has more than 13,000 users worldwide and helps companies to manage a broad range of risks, including natural disasters and cyber attacks.

TAPA’s cargo theft data is expected to complement the visibility provided by Resilience360 to other supply chain risks impacting customers’ manufacturing and transportation networks, while Resilience360 will support TAPA’s cargo crime benchmarking through the sharing of aggregate cargo theft data.

Thorsten Neumann, president and chief executive of TAPA EMEA, enthused: “This partnership with one of the leading supply chain risk management platforms supports TAPA’s important role as the security expert network for everyone in the supply chain, and will increase our ability to provide our members with the best sources of cargo theft intelligence to help them increase their supply chain resilience.”

And he added: “As the leading association in this field, TAPA is looking to develop more of these types of partnerships to help tackle rising cargo crime in the EMEA region and globally.”

Last month (September), TAPA revealed that the theft of cash from the hold of an aircraft was the largest single cargo crime by value recorded in the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA) region during the second quarter of this year.

The latest statistics from TAPA show that thefts of products from supply chains in the EMEA region exceeded a value of €55m, or more than €305,000 a day, in the first six months of 2019.

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