Speedlink to offer cargo sniffer dog service at Belfast International

By Damian Brett

Dogs capable of detecting minute traces of explosives concealed in airfreight will be deployed at Belfast International Airport from tomorrow.

The Free Running Explosive Detection Dogs (FREDDs) service will be offered by logistics firm SpeedLink.

The company said that each and every one of the dogs involved have undergone extensive training to meet the required standards.

The training certification standard is set by the UK government and FREDDs are approved by the Civil Aviation Authority and Department for Transport as a method of screening aviation cargo. 

“Current measures such as x-ray and explosive trace detection (ETD) absolutely serve a purpose but the FREDDs offer a more focused approach, allowing cargo that would normally fail x-ray or ETD screening to fly as planned,” the company said.

“This will be a momentous day for the airfreight industry in Northern Ireland and will prove to be a big advantage for exporters and shippers in Ireland – North & South, whose cargo has previously failed security screening and missed their intended flights.”

Neil Thomson, business development manager of Speedlink International, added: “After many years of hard work from all of the parties involved, we are delighted to see the roll out of FREDDs at Belfast International Airport.

“This will be a unique service on the island of Ireland and the only regional airport in the UK to offer FREDDs screening.  The feedback from shippers is nothing but positive and we expect significant uptake in the service over the coming weeks and months.”

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