Kuehne+Nagel reports completion of sustainability goals

By Rachelle Harry

Kuehne+Nagel (K+N) has revealed in its Sustainability Report 2019 the “successful completion of our environmental goals” set out in its 2010 KN Green its sustainability strategy.

K+N’s Sustainability Report 2019 follows the 17 goals for sustainable development set out by the United Nations. In the report, K+N reveals that “all targets were reached or exceeded”.

Breaking down its report, K+N said it was able to reduce the CO2 emissions of its own locations by 27%. It also said that its share of renewable energies in total electricity consumption was 18% and its that recycling rate over the ten-year average was 77%.

K+N also broke down the steps towards obtaining ‘Net Zero Carbon’ into three points of action: detection, reduction and compensation of CO2.

In light of this, K+N explained in a statement: “With Net Zero Carbon, K+N has launched a sustainability programme for the next ten years. K+N is playing a pioneering role in the logistics industry with this programme.”

Looking to the future, K+N said that by the end of this year, its own CO2 emissions (Scopes 1 and 2 of the greenhouse gas protocol) will be neutral. In addition, by 2030, this CO2 emissions initiative will be extended to all transport by suppliers such as airlines, shipping lines and haulage companies (Scope 3).

Detlef Trefzger, chief executive of K+N, commented: “Sustainability is a social responsibility and is the duty of every individual. Following the successful completion of our environmental goals set ten years ago, we are now starting the next phase of our sustainability strategy.

“With our Net Zero Carbon programme, we are taking responsibility for sustainable logistics, hand in hand with our customers and partners”.


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