WFS switches to biodegradable wrap for cargo shipments in North America

By Damian Brett

Source: WFS

Worldwide Flight Services (WFS) has switched to biodegradable stretch wrap for cargo shipments in North America as part of its sustainability programme.

WFS has converted the majority of the plastic used in its North American cargo handling business over to the eco-friendly wrap.

The BioNatur Plastic will biodegrade in between five to 10 years compared with regular plastic which can take 1,000 years to break down.

The handler said that by making the switch it has reduced the amount of standard non-biodegradable plastic going to landfill by 616,885kg, the equivalent of 68m plastic water bottles.

Stephanie Peacock, WFS director of sourcing and supply in North America, said: “With the state of the plastic recycling market over the last few years, we were desperately looking for a sustainable alternative to sending tons of plastic to a landfill. We are greatly encouraged by the results we have seen in just 12 months.”

The product is manufactured with a 1% load of an organic, food-safe proprietary additive that allows anaerobic bacteria to digest the plastic in a landfill. Outside of a landfill the plastic has an indefinite shelf life and performs exactly like traditional plastic products.

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