ICAO Assembly opens with expectations of landmark deal on aviation emissions

The 39th triennial Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) was officially opened in Montreal yesterday (27 September), with there being clear indications that it will adopt the first-ever global market-based measure, or GMBM, by any industry relating to carbon dioxide emissions created from international activity.
ICAO Council president Olumuyiwa Benard Aliu opened the Assembly, saying: “The path to an MBM for international aviation has been a complex one, for all concerned, but it has also been a process characterised by a high-level of political will and a clear motivation among state and industry parties to realise a practical and consensus-driven global approach.
“Already, states responsible for some 80% of international flights have volunteered to participate in the GMBM from 2021,” Aliu added.
ICAO secretary general Fang Liu observed: “Significant progress has been achieved by ICAO and its member states since 2010 to realise the sector’s goal of carbon neutral growth from 2020.
“These include innovative technologies, streamlined operations and procedures, and sustainable alternative aviation fuels,” she pointed out, stressing that an MGM is needed to reinforce the advances made so far.
The Assembly is also expected to endorse amendments to ICAO’s global strategic plans for aviation safety and air navigation efficiency, as well as recommend that ICAO develop global plans for improving aviation security and promoting air transport economic development.
“ICAO has accomplished a tremendous amount in the past three years, most especially in our efforts to drive more targeted and effective assistance for states under our No Country Left Behind initiative, and through new frameworks for cost-effective capacity building such as the ICAO International Programme for Aviation Volunteers,” Aliu said.
“We have also become more forward-looking and responsive and we are well-prepared for the new challenges our 39th Assembly will place before us.”
The Assembly runs until 7 October. In Montreal earlier this week, ICAO and the EU signed a declaration of intent renewing their collaboration on addressing climate change (https://www.aircargonews.net/news/policy/single-view/news/icao-world-aviation-forum-looks-forward.html).

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