AF-KL-MP Cargo invest in sniffer dogs at Schipol hub

IN LINE with new European Union security regulations,  AF-KL-MP Cargo  has opened a new, innovative security screening method at the Dutch Schiphol hub.
A Remote Explosive Scent Tracing (REST) process, at truck level, was approved by the Dutch authorities at the end of last year.
It screens an entire truck load of cargo at once, using specially trained explosive detection dogs.
Eelco van Asch, the carrier’s European vice-president, points out: “Many customers are happy with this new service.
“The first week in operation was very successful. Many trucks have been secured without any disruptions.”
AF-KL-MP Cargo believes that supply chain security is of crucial importance for European airfreight, says a statement.
“As major player in the air cargo industry AF-KL-MP Cargo wants to support its customers to meet the adjusted European security requirements,” adds van Asch.
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